May 28, 2015 Basketball is the best part 1 OK so not everyone will agree that basketball is the best but the people that think it isn’t are wrong. Even though that is my opinion i believe and know that basketball truly is the best and most entertaining sport to watch. Some might disagree and say that soccer is the best. Well soccer is fun to play but have you ever watched it, it is slower then watching golf. others could put up an argument that football is the best. Well football is fun to watch and play but it is way to dangerouse people are hitting and deaths have occured. Also in football the clock stops after every play but in basketball the clock only stops for a timeout or the end of the quarter. Thence the reason that basketball is the best. Here are the lists of the best basketball players of all time!: Michael Jordan1. LeBron James6. Magic Johnson3. Bill Russel2. Larry Bird Michael Jordan the best there ever was